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2020年北京科技大学奖学金年度评审通知Annual Review of USTB Scholarship Status 2020

评审对象Object of Annual Review


Any student who will still receive Chinese Government Scholarship or USTB Chancellor Scholarship beginning in September, 2020 must participate in the Annual Review (including students planning to graduate in June, 2020, apply for an extension of scholarship).

评审时间Period of Annual Review


From March 23 to April 7 , 2020

步骤Procedure of Annual Review

1, 学生本人下载并认真填写评审表。

Download and fill the form carefully.

2, 将评审表在4月7日前返回国际学生中心。在校内的学生提交纸质版,在校外的学生提交电子版。无故不参与评审的学生,将失去奖学金资格。

Submit the form to your Class Teacher in the International Student Center before April 7, 2020 . students on campus submit the printed form, and others outside the campus submit the digital form.

Those without valid permission to not participate in the review process will forfeit their qualifications to receive scholarship.